Specific knowledge is found by pursuing your genuine curiosity and passion rather than whatever is hot right now.

— Naval Ravikant

//Web 1.0

Somewhere between 1993 to 2000

My love for technology began with computer games. As my sister studied programming at university, I spent my days smashing the spacebar on a 286 IBM 3-color CGA clone. I was hooked on the game graphics, animation, skateboarding magazine ads, bands’ logos, mechs, graffiti, and perception.
Finy 1990
RAD skate magazine, Freddy Krueger DOS game, Letraset, Alley Cat DOS game, 286 IBM computer, Airwalk skateboarding shoe ad, Zaxxon DOS game, cassette covers created with a pen, Maniac Mansion DOS game.
With the launch of Windows 95, everything changed. A shell on top of DOS provided a GUI that was more visual and intuitive, and video games looked better on a 256 VGA display monitor. I found myself spending more and more time on the computer.

In 1997, I began studying illustration in Costa Rica. A year later, I started in graphic design and web design as personal computers became powerful enough to generate print graphics.

My first website was a personal page created on MSFT Front Page and uploaded to Geocities, complete with numerous gift images and a wacky animated background. The second website I built was for my band, designed in Adobe Photoshop and developed with HTML and CSS on Macromedia Dreamweaver. I secured the URL and uploaded it to Netfirms hosting.
Upshock version 2.0 website designed in Adobe Photoshop & developed in Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash. Demo covers designed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Upshock website 2.0 and demo designs
With the launch of Windows 95, everything changed. A shell on top of DOS provided a GUI that was more visual and intuitive, and video games looked better on a 256 VGA display monitor. I found myself spending more and more time on the computer.

In 1997, I began studying illustration in Costa Rica. A year later, I started in graphic design and web design as personal computers became powerful enough to generate print graphics.

My first website was a personal page created on MSFT Front Page and uploaded to Geocities, complete with numerous gift images and a wacky animated background. The second website I built was for my band, designed in Adobe Photoshop and developed with HTML and CSS on Macromedia Dreamweaver. I secured the URL and uploaded it to Netfirms hosting.
CRT vs. LED pixel display shows how soft characters used to look in contrast to LED. Over Blood is the first sci-fi survival horror game that utilized fully rendered 3D environments. Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 shows the low poly resolution; this game has one of the most beautifully rendered graphics of that time.
90’s Video Games Technology
Around this time, Digidesign was developing ProTools, a professional way to record audio using computers. They released a promotional VHS explaining how things would change in the future of music. I told the members of my band, Upshock, that I was about to spend a good chunk of money buying equipment, learning, and trying to record ourselves. I wanted to use a Creative Sound Blaster, but the audio quality output was not enough for professional recording. They thought I was crazy. Unsure if it would work or sound good, I dove in headfirst. Spending money on production, demos, and recordings didn’t make sense, but I started to get into it like a new career.
Digidesign 90’s promotional video
Digidesign 90’s promotional video. This is one of the reasons home studios started at an affordable price.
A jack of all trades is a master of none but still always better than a master of one.

//Web 2.0

Somewhere between 2000 to 2020

My goal has always been to learn so I set my sights on working in the video game industry. My first job was at Colchian Software in the online gambling industry, where I created 2D and 3D graphics for casino games, as well as UI for applications and websites. I was determined to learn and master everything about the industry, and I spent countless hours reading all the 3DS Max bible books and software manuals. However, there were no opportunities for a 3D career in the country I was living in at the time, and I struggled to understand even the MAXScript section. Eventually, I started testing dynamics using Havok Physics for 3DS Max to throw dice on a craps table, but I ended up switching jobs and left the gaming industry behind for now.
Casino items created in 3DS Max by Alejandro Finy
Video poker machine, Baccarat table, and Craps table created in 3DS Max.
In 2004, I began building my first online portfolio using a 3E Form in Flash. This allowed me to showcase my work to potential clients and attract new gigs. Over time, I found myself constantly updating and refining the website to reflect my latest projects and accomplishments. Building and maintaining the site was a labor of love, and it brought me great pride and satisfaction.

Around the same time, I also started experimenting with music production. Using an iMac and Logic, I recorded guitar tracks and mixed the first three titles of our band's official demo. While I was still learning the basics of mixing using plugins, I was eager to improve my skills and acquire more equipment to continue making music.

Later on, I landed a job at MVP Sportsbook where I learned to design and create a process for delivering design and development on a massive scale. I worked on creating banners, emails, affiliate websites, and hundreds of pages in Blogger for weekly promotions. I remember creating 40 different sizes of animated and optimized gif banners for seven brands in an hour. The process was intense, and we had to be very meticulous to ensure we didn't miss anything. The job taught me a lot about working efficiently and accurately under pressure.
MVP Sportsbook weekly promotion banners, marketing website UI, 123, and pop-up Players Superbook banner.
MVP Sportsbook banners and website design by Alejandro Finy
Working with my wife at MVP Sportsbook was a great experience for me. Not only did I get to learn more about design and advertising, but I also got to deliver high-quality work at a fast pace. Despite the high-pressure environment, we were able to work well together, and I felt like I was making a meaningful contribution to the company.

Unfortunately, the company was eventually sold and merged with another company, resulting in the elimination of the design department. Although I was the last designer to be let go, I was able to support a team of 16 designers alone in the department for several months before leaving. However, this experience gave me enough time to find clients and continue working in the gambling industry as a contractor from home for two more years, designing for recognized brands.

One of the highlights during this period was designing a 100x50 pixel static banner that filled a million-dollar space at Covers. There was a competition to determine which banner would be selected, and I was thrilled when my design was chosen. It was a proud moment and a testament to my skills and abilities as a designer. At this point, I was also exploring new avenues of design, such as creating MySpace hack pages with CSS and UI, which was a completely different website-building experience.

For the next gig, in 2006, I built 3E Graphics for a services website, and still, 3E Form was my portfolio. I created different types of websites, microsites, and logos for other companies; the significant part is that I got to work for other industries. Another advantage is that I got enough free time to create and explore design and web development on my projects and sandboxes, along with the audio recording. For the new projects, I needed photos, and here’s when I got into photography; same as recording started studying, but the equipment was costly, and I was about to put together a studio at home.
3E Graphics / 3E Studio logos.
3E Graphics artist and designer logotype collection.
Finally got the studio setup at home with the most optimized equipment, got the amps, and an M-Audio interface with Pro Tools, and the band was doing fine; I started testing and building the signal flows, and Quality Up Studio was the name I chose for the studio, but one of my clients was pretty happy with the work that I was doing and connected me with another more extensive client “Legendz Sports” that offered me to move to Panama along my wife to build the marketing and design departments and help to ramp out their new brand “The Pig” which I already refreshed their websites. Still, the condition was to move in the next two weeks. I have equipment for a band and all the studio, so we decided to try it, pack the container, and put everything in order so we could leave the country for a new adventure.
Getting into audio synthesis, editing, mixing, and mastering.
QUP Studio Synth Rigs.
What excitement! Working closely with my wife again, I built and put my process and experience. As soon as I got there, I bought my first digital camera with a couple of lenses to continue learning until we gave the green light to release the container with all the house, including the recording stuff. We spent a reasonable amount of time building everything there, and the responsibilities went more significant than ever. Months later, we got the place, and I set up the studio again, where I produced one EP. I was missing my band a lot.
Upshock World’s Blood Ep.
Upshock World’s Blood Ep.
As design/dev ops, in 2009, after we had a good process put in place, I coached and led a small team of designers/developers to create and maintain microsites, emails, and banner campaigns for customers, partners, agents, and affiliates, as well as printed marketing materials like direct emails, programs, and magazines for clients and events with the best methodologies to keep working on a lean and organized environment.
Affiliates, agents, and promotion website templates.
Marketing Websites.
As the bookie industry continued to evolve, I recognized the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. Building websites in WordPress became more common, and I knew I needed to expand my skills to stay competitive. While I was already familiar with WordPress from my personal projects, I had to learn how to develop themes and integrate sections and pages with SEO software to ensure high rankings in search engines. Learning some PHP was necessary to achieve this, but it was a valuable investment in my career. With the increasing importance of social media, we had to be careful in our approach due to the nature of the industry, but we still recognized its significance in reaching customers through their phones and other devices.
Legends Sports Websites.
Different versions of the Legends Sports website.
I started pursuing a recording and music career after enrolling in an academy and obtaining certifications in Avid Pro Tools as well for 3D with Autodesk 3DS Max. To support my creative interests, I invested in a couple of synths and controllers while continuing to refine my photography skills to document my journey. However, my curiosity didn't stop there. I became intrigued by the art of graffiti and decided to explore it. After a year of practice, I entered a street art competition and was surprised to win second place. Although I enjoyed creating art with spray paint, I never intended to engage in illegal tagging or bombing. It was merely a weekend project for me.
“World Domination” 48’x48’ canvas, Legends design department wall, “Trente Coeurs” 48’x48’ canvas.
3E Artwork Street Art.
Along with my full-time work, I always had one or more freelance clients under my 3E Form (web development) and 3E Graphics (graphic design) brands until 2011. However, I eventually realized that working long hours and sacrificing sleep was causing me a lot of stress. To make things easier on myself, I decided to fragment my studies over the course of three years, focusing on one big area at a time and switching things up every three months to keep myself up to date and engaged. This allowed me to practice and develop my skills while also applying new content and technology.

“Legends Sports” continued to grow, and we were thrilled to be able to brand and decorate their new call center building. We put in a lot of effort to make our small design office inside the building a comfortable and inviting space. However, Panama's errands and traffic were often stressful, and the spray paint we used during the building decoration made me sick and weakened my lungs. To make things worse, I caught a virus that prevented me from skateboarding for several years. At this point, we felt that we had accomplished what we set out to do in Panama, and with the humidity and heat levels taking a toll on us, we made the decision to move to the United States in 2011, where we could continue to support and work remotely for our clients from the comfort of our home in the Pacific Northwest.

After just one year, we received the devastating news that the company was being shut down by the US government. Despite their success, they had become the subject of unwanted attention. Taking advantage of the situation, we decided to take a year-long sabbatical to explore new industries and expand our skills. During this time, I devoted myself to studying web development, photography, and illustration, even picking up illustrator (late in 2015 AF Illustrator). I was particularly insecure about my drawing skills, so I made weekly trips to the Seattle library to borrow books on the subject. Meanwhile, the rise of HTML5 and CSS3 ushered in a new era of responsive web design, and front-end development was increasingly making use of JavaScript.
AF Illustrator Charcoal Mucha Style Illustration.
17’x44’ Neubau Mucha style charcoal illustration.
As a full-time contractor, I was finally able to bring my vision to life with the launch of 3E Studio. Drawing on my experience as a freelancer in web development and graphic design, I merged my two services, 3E Form and 3E Graphics, and began working with B2B advertising companies and direct clients. With more control over my workload, I had the time to continue exploring new career opportunities and pursuing my hobbies, some of which I hoped would eventually turn into something more.
3E Studio and AF brand logos.
3E Studio Logos.
In 2015, the trend of UI/UX emerged as an important aspect of planning and designing websites. However, I had already been using Omnigraffle to create site mappings, user flow charts, wireframes, and data placement that was easy for clients to find. I saw an opportunity in this emerging trend and decided to offer a new service called 3E Xperience Design (3EXD). At the same time, I started tailoring my AF Portfolio for full-time employment opportunities as I recognized the importance of having a strong personal portfolio. I design websites with longevity in mind, and the portfolio was no exception. I built it from scratch without the use of any framework and focused on creating a simple yet engaging website that stands out from typical top-menu sites. I paid close attention to the animated responsiveness and how the layout adapts to different devices and window sizes, making it a unique and exciting experience for viewers.
Alejandro Finy Portfolio Website.
AF Portfolio V2.0 layout.
At the same time, my wife looking for a new job got in contact with Project line, one of the friendliest place-to-work companies in Seattle with a good culture that was opening a new agency (Yesler, currently sold to Accenture) focused on B2B business and needed a developer for a security enterprise website with customized Marketo integration that contained 600+ pages of product information on Drupal 7 CMS. Still, I didn’t know anything about it, and I had to learn everything about Drupal in less than 15 days and get the design and a customized Bootstrap theme ready locally on my laptop for the client presentation.

The client was happy, and once approved, we moved the website to their new dev and production servers with the help of their team to publish the first pages of what is going to be a more than one-year project build. I worked with other companies that created software integrations for the website and services, updating and adding more Marketo integrations.

As we reached the end of the project, the client decided to revamp all their international websites with different designs, structures, content, and product, basically new websites, and add localization to some of them for RTL languages. I managed the project in Asana, building, deploying the website, and syncing with different teams. I had experience working with enterprise websites in the sports industry back, but the knowledge that you gain working on a website like this size, along with small teams and different sources of information to put all this together, managing, solving design and development issues, all those haters that have nothing to do with the project trying to destroy you and get you out of business, keeping brain sanity because you worked three days straight with no sleep (not recommended, you can die), is just priceless. The website now has seven years as I write this in 2022, and still running and maintained by the company.
Watchguard website, UX content design of the first quarter. Sitemap details on the background.
Watchguard Website.
Following the completion of the project, I continued to work on website maintenance for clients such as Microsoft and Enterprise Mobile. I also worked on adding Marketo customization and integrations for companies like Mobify, Inkling, and Google. Additionally, I built responsive email templates using HTML tables that were compatible with nearly all email providers, including Microsoft Outlook 7. My experience building pixel-perfect table websites in the past proved to be valuable for this work, and I still find enjoyment in the challenge of creating and testing them.
Mobify Marketo Templates.
Mobify Marketo customized templates.
Later I created a brand called 3E Pixels because pixel art was having a comeback; I noticed a small wave of great work started to come out from artists.
Geometrical 3E Pixels logo version 2.0.
3E Pixels Logo.
By this time, my camera skills had improved significantly, and I had upgraded to a cinema 4K camera. I also learned a lot about photography and videography, which allowed me to offer those services to clients as well. As a result, I decided to create another brand called 3E Media Box, which allowed me to offer a more comprehensive set of services and take a more controlled approach to projects. With this new brand, I could also document everything I had been working on. Even though I had only shared some of my work through my phone, it was still fast and accessible. I knew that photography was crucial for 3D modeling, rigging, and animation, so I made sure to brush up on those skills as well. I firmly believe that every visual designer should have a basic understanding of photography and video production fundamentals.
Black Magic Cinema Camera.
3E Media Box logo and Blackmagic cinema camera rig v1.0.
About my music production, I continue to upgrade my home studio setup to improve the quality of my recordings. One of my recent accomplishments was producing and recording an entire album with the best songs from one of my past bands from 1992. With mixing on the computer becoming more accessible and the latest plugins, I was able to achieve high-quality results that rival natural rack equipment. To make the recording process more organized, I set up a recording whiteboard, which helped me complete the project in just a couple of months. I worked with Distrokid for distribution and QUP Studio to ensure my music is available on all major platforms. I plan to continue working on another record that I started right before completing this one.
Upshock, Desorden Mental Album.
Upshock, Desorden Mental Album.
During this time, social media was at its peak, and our personal data was being tailored and sold everywhere. Despite the concerns, I found myself managing work and personal accounts on each platform, including YouTube, Facebook, and portfolios on Dribbble and Behance. However, my approach was not to share everything or create a niche with daily posts because these platforms are managed by companies and can change anytime. Instead, I aimed to have a minimum engagement and focus on the latest trends and industries relevant to my work. My goal was to control what I see on my timelines by using algorithms that were tailored to my interests, so I could observe and research specific content related to my work. For example, my 3E Graphics Instagram account would only show me a vast amount of graphic design (print) work, ten memes, and relevant ads. I used social media primarily for input and observation for work purposes rather than outputting content.
AF and 3E Studio Web Directories.
“AF Info” and “3E Studio Info” web directory websites contain everything related to profiles, portfolios, and social media channels.
In 2017, I launched my first 3D personal portfolio called AFIIID (AF3D) to showcase my work samples from the past and 3E Mesh for services. Along with this, I also updated the branding for 3E Artwork and 3E Pixels.
3E Artwork, 3E Pixels, and 3E Mesh new logos.
New 3E Logos.
I haven’t done much 3D professional work; I love building these things, but to keep doing it, I had to spend at least $1500 a year aside from paying for Adobe Suitcase, Sketch, Pro Tools, audio plugins updates, and other software updates, hosting, URLs, and cloud computing, the amount was adding more and more. The software only runs on Windows, so I started learning concept design (not concept art) and industrial design fundamentals and dealt with software later.

Later looking for clients, I contacted Rational Interaction (now Wipro and Designit) to work as a senior designer for the Microsoft Cloud account and support other Marketo design projects in general for different enterprise brands. The team was great to work with. It was located on the higher floors of 1201 Third Avenue Tower, with the best 360 views of downtown Seattle.

I did so much work laying out pages for Microsoft websites, event pages, and social media. Help to create new components for MWF (Microsoft Web Framework) to display technical sections of their cloud and sync with their team of developers in India. Lots of redlines and photo grading, documentation, and presentations.
Redlines for Microsoft websites.
Microsoft main website redlines, new Microsoft Cloud Platform key components, Microsoft Business Application Summit website redlines.
With the direction of my manager and another senior designer, I help to create their EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security) and Cloud branding guidelines and Iconography as a PDF.
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security icon library contains 48 icons with five color variations.
Microsoft EMS Icon Library.
One of the highlights was to develop a customized Marketo multi-partner campaign with four brands using Microsoft Azure as the leading brand. So four sections, four forms modal on a single page. Each one has its funnel program. And I had to design all the materials for that campaign, including all white papers, guides, adverting pieces, emails, landing pages, thank you pages, and UX. The project was a success!
Microsoft Azure DevOps Shift campaign
Microsoft Azure DevOps Shift campaign, 4-tier custom branded Marketo landing page, PDF branded guides, infographic, UX strategy, Marketo landing page.
After another designer and I helped to design many content pages, Microsoft Azure absorbed all of Cloud, and all the work was taken down; it was a bummer, but we worked on other pages for MSFT IoT, Trust Center, and all MSFT events pages like Build 2017, and Connect(); 2017, and Business Application Summit. The experience with the client team was great; I will always be thankful to them for allowing me to work on this kind of project.
Microsoft Connect();, Ignite, and Build 2017 main event websites.
Microsoft Event Websites.
Once that loop was closed, I helped launch with another contractor coworker all the branding and social media channels for Microsoft Reactor before they opened all the developer's offices worldwide. One of the fun parts was designing and posting social media pieces as the event was happening.
Microsoft Reactor Social Media Profiles.
Microsoft Reactor Facebook page, Twitter profile, personalize live tweets reply for events, Blog, YouTube profile.
Weeks later, things with the new Reactor manager went sour with my partner; the manager was not professional enough, and most of the projects started to fall; my partner left. In my case, I have thick skin for all that nonsense. They moved me to one of my old favorite teams to continue supporting MSFT, but I had to stop providing services later because I was getting ready to travel for three months. They needed someone in-house to help with the work and not remotely. After those months passed, I returned and kept working with them. However, my wife and I were planning to work remotely and travel with no date to come back. We put everything in storage, including the recording studio, grabbed the essentials, and left the country for the next three years.

In 2018 Sony was leading the mirrorless photography industry, and I needed to update my Canon APS-C to something smaller. I was not going to take the Blackmagic because it’s too big and heavy, and to update the primary camera, my Cannon glass was about to get useless (no adapters by this time). I decided to get the full-frame Sony a7RIII 42MP with a 24-240mm zoom; the step from my old camera was huge. I was ready, to begin with, for street and landscape photography. I carry a camera, lenses, and a tripod on the road every day; the first thing is to master the equipment and get ready for any event—the second is to work on better shots and techniques/tips. Third to find my style in post-production.
La Alhambra Spain, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Budapest, moody post-production photo montage.
Photo sample of 3E Media Box.
I had to stop recording the new album because of the unique situation and continue as soon as we returned to Seattle; that is the plan for now with music production. So I replaced it with learning a little bit about the blockchain.

I got contacted by a recruiter from Yesler about a Marketo contract opportunity for the Google Cloud Platform account, the same my wife was the client partner/director, she built the whole thing from zero, and I worked in the past on a couple of projects; the funny part was that the recruiter didn’t know that we were related, traveling, and working together.

I got my Google badged in London offices, and one of the requirements is to get Marketo certified even if I’m not working in automation and only development. On this gig, I create Marketo modular and localization emails for the partner and events team while maintaining the brand's landing and thank you pages. The partner's team was pretty cool; my manager always had everything under control, leading us to succeed.
Google Cloud Marketo Template.
Template UXUI and development for Google Cloud Partners’ Marketo emails.
To continue practicing illustration, I became interested in learning how to tattoo and asked my Ukrainian friend to teach me. It was a great experience, and I was excited to learn new things. I became so passionate about it that I started to think about opening a tattoo studio called "The Dark Blood" when we returned to the States.

We spent two years working together again and non-stop traveling along Europe, Asia, and bits of the Middle East, staying one month in each country; we used to return to Seattle every January to get things tidy and visit family. This time we were in Asia and passed by Hong Kong to get a direct flight back to the US; the girl on my right was super sick; I remember when she told me, “oh, sorry, it is that season; you know.” We always got an Airbnb because everything was in storage; we didn’t know we were about to spend nine months in a building on top of an Amazon Go and a Chase Bank in Capitol Hill; it was like a war zone because of Chop protests, window glass everywhere.
I was about to open a tattoo studio which was supposed to be my design studio, and the recording studio, of course, didn’t happen. The Dark Blood logotype, tattoo fake skin studies.
The Dark Blood Tattoo Logo.
Specific knowledge is the knowledge that you cannot be trained for. If society can train you, it can train someone else, and replace you.

— Naval Ravikant

//Web 3.0

Somewhere between 2020 and today

Google closed all the events and the Partner's operations, Yesler started to shrink operations and let people go, and I was a contractor. Contractors are always the ones that go first. Yesler got sold to Accenture and merged.
After that, I found myself feeling both happy and depressed. With no work or tattoo studio, my wife and I found a new place and I began to focus on building a woodshop in the garage and a small gym. I needed a break from all the negativity happening in the world. I started learning CAD and am now proficient in using Fusion 360, Sketch, and Sharpr to work on various projects for our home. This has replaced my previous focus on 3D projects.
ABSLIMUS 3-inch heavy-duty caster, CAD created in Shapr 3D.
Corebones ABSLIMUS 3-inch caster in CAD.
I recall telling my wife that if people started working remotely for more than six months, no one would want to go back to working in an office. Remote work is now a normal part of life. I have been working remotely since 2011, and I have no intention of changing that anytime soon.
Corebones Desktop.
I needed desktops for my rigs with the same characteristics as a workbench. I designed this one that can hold 300 pounds and doesn’t wobble when adding equipment. And with a mid-century style. And conceal cable management.
In the process of rebuilding 3E Studio, I had to learn more about running a business, including registering, trademarks, banking, and taxes, in order to keep the operation running as efficiently as possible.

So, I separated all personal from business and created more exploratory brands for 3E Studio, such as 3E Illustration, 3E Social, 3E Product, 3E Concept, and others. For my FTE work, I tailored my portfolios for graphic design, visual design, web development, UXUI, illustration, photography, 3D, art, and audio production. This approach created more work for me, but it helped me get more organized as I accomplished it.
3E Studio explores ten new brands; to be clear, it doesn’t mean all the products will be available on 3E Studio; some may fail or not happen. New 3E Product Design and revamp version 5 of the 3E Form logo.
3E Studio Exploration Brands.
At this point, it's easy to feel like you're not an expert in all areas. I've had recruiters question whether my primary focus is design or development, rather than looking at the full scope of what I can do to meet a client's needs. Personally, I enjoy both design and development, and I don't have a preference between the two - I'm happy to work on whatever is needed to get the job done. Of course, the level of stress can vary depending on the project and the income it brings in.

To ensure the continued success of my projects, I focus my efforts on each one every three months. This allows me to make progress, expand my knowledge, and stay current with the latest developments in each project.
Finy personal career development roadmap.
Personal career development roadmap.
Given the current state of the job market, it's important to have multiple sources of income, such as side hustles, that can provide a safety net in case of unexpected events in the tech industry. Recent events have weakened certain industries, leading to a high attrition rate and making it harder to acquire new clients due to frequent team and personnel changes within companies.

I made the decision to revamp my 3E Studio and personal projects to get fully organized, and have started devoting my full attention to my business. In doing so, I have been learning Vanilla JavaScript and how to build Jamstack websites, which are web applications with a headless CMS, APIs, CDNs, and static site generators. I have moved away from using WordPress, Drupal, databases, or expensive hosting, as Jamstack websites are fast, secure, and easy to scale with no additional cost. My website is built using Notion as a CMS and Super as a site generator, which allows me to refresh content without needing to deploy anything or move content manually. This is the power of Jamstack. For developers, creating a website is changing once again, with CSS becoming increasingly complex, almost to the point of being programmable, and JavaScript continuing to be the dominant programming language for front-end development.
3E Studio brands version 4.
3E Studio Brands.
In mid-2021, I took on a short-term project at Closerlook as a backup developer for a few months. During this time, I was responsible for creating a Marketo template for the Pharma industry using .Net with TSF and AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) to build emails. Since the work was done on a Windows computer, and my personal rig was based on MacOS, I had to create a hybrid setup with a three 4k monitor KVM, one keyboard and trackpad (no mouse), and a USB Thunderbolt 4 hub connected to an M1 Mac mini that I upgraded prior to starting the project. It took me over a month and many returns from Amazon to put together this setup and work seamlessly between machines.

During this period, I also spent time updating and assembling a new audio recording setup that included Universal Audio, Solid State Logic (SSL), and various plugins such as Native Instruments (NI), Arturia V Collection 9, Antares Autotune, Slate Digital, and Waves. I continued to use ProTools for recording and editing, but streamlined my equipment and software to make it more functional and user-friendly. Once the new setup was complete, I began working on the drum tracks that I had already recorded for the album.
3E Sound or QUP Studio rig update.
SSL 360 Channel Strip, SSL Plugins, SSL UF8, and UC1 controllers.
In late 2021, while visiting my family in Costa Rica, I had a conversation with my brother-in-law about work. He asked me if I had heard about NFTs, to which I responded with confusion, 'FTE what?' After our discussion, I became interested in the topic and began exploring it further. When I returned to Seattle in December, I started working on 3E Metaverse, which aligned perfectly with my ongoing efforts to revamp all 3E Studio services. As part of this exploration into the early stages of Web 3.0, I moved 3E Artwork, 3E Mesh, 3E Pixels, 3E Augmented, 3E Voxels, and 3E NFT into this project.
3E Metaverse brands version 1.
3E Metaverse Brands 2022.
As of February 2022, I had completed twelve thousand NFTs in the AF Illustrator style, titled 'Beautiful Monsters.' I also developed roadmaps for future projects and blockchain URLs, but these have yet to be deployed. This is because I need to ensure that all necessary hubs are prepared, and I continue to learn more about Solidity (smart contracts) and Defi (decentralized finance) in general.
Beautiful Monsters NFTs.
AF Illustrator Beautiful Monsters NFTs. Illustrated by hand in Procreate, beautiful women with four types of hair, makeup, eyes, and bodies, divided by six color variations and types. There are rare versions with different backgrounds.
I have spent the last couple of years working on the early stages of the new web. What fascinates me most about this space is the fact that I can get paid to play video games, using the pieces I build as voxels (3D pixel art) that can be sold for a good amount of cryptocurrency. The ability to use the browser and earn income is revolutionary. I can also purchase land and build whatever I please, even creating online events and Dapps that I have full control and management over. Selling my product directly, without banks or fees, and with the ability to track every sale and receive a percentage of each sale is incredibly empowering. Moreover, my personal information cannot be gathered en masse and sold as Facebook did, because on the blockchain, I am just a number. All of these features are exceptionally appealing to me.
3E Voxel video game character created in Voxel Max.
Most social media platforms have evolved into advertising platforms that prioritize marketing over genuine connections with people. This trend has resulted in a significant loss of effort for individuals who have invested time and energy into building portfolios and niches on these platforms. I have been aware of this phenomenon since the decline of MySpace, and as a result, I have not put much effort into social media. However, this does not mean that I have abandoned these platforms entirely. They are just one aspect of conducting business as a 3E Studio, and I plan to continue using them until Web 2.0 becomes obsolete for me, which may take some time.

The blockchain is far more important than simply selling NFTs for thousands of dollars. What is truly fascinating is that young people today have the opportunity to become millionaires in a way that was not possible before. We are on the brink of a new industrial revolution, and recent updates to the blockchain are helping to reduce electricity consumption and improve stability, making it an even more appealing technology to pursue.

Despite having gained significant knowledge and experience in tech, I have not stopped learning. In recent times, I have tested and familiarized myself with a wide range of software, including Autodesk Maya (as an alternative to 3DS Max), Fusion 360, Shapr 3D, Trimble SkechUp, Magica Voxel, and Voxel Max. Additionally, I had early access to Metahuman and continue to explore its potential. From these experiences, I have kept the software that I use most frequently, in order to enhance my productivity and creativity.
3E Voxel MagicaVoxel Tests.
3E Voxel, massive voxel surfaces deployment test.
To streamline project management, I assembled a complete Atlassian Cloud environment, which includes Jira for project and roadmap tracking, Confluence along with Obsidian for wiki management, and Notion for task management and note-taking by career. I have since begun to migrate and organize information across these various platforms, which helps to create a more organized and efficient workflow.
3E Metaverse Jira NFT Roadmap where Epics are ready to roll out. Confluence 3E Digital Marketing Marketo knowledge base.
3E Metaverse Roadmap.
At the end of 2022, I completed my second font face design, 'HyperHeader,' which features a tech twist and a 3E Studio Onmigraffle Data Flow Chart stencils. I subsequently began revamping both my 3E and AF websites and migrating everything to better and faster hosting. Once these updates are complete, I plan to add new products to the shop and sell some of my art and NFTs. I have designed both the 3E Studio and FinyDotUS websites, with the latter being the next project in development. Additionally, I am updating my personal portfolio content to better tailor it to recruiters and companies.
3E Graphics HyperHeader.
3E Graphics, modular HyperHeader font face.
3E Graphics Omnigraffle flow chart template.
3E Graphics Omnigraffle Flow Chart Template.
Between 2022 and 2023, I have delved deeply into exploring the latest artificial intelligence sandboxes and services. I have been using tools such as Open AI Chat GTP-3, MidJourney Beta for image and art creation, Descript for video editing with transcription and voice overdub tools, Runway, Rewind for work history and notes, Tome for generating presentations, and D-ID and BHuman to generate avatars. By leveraging these AI-powered solutions, I can create content more efficiently and easily. I am eager to explore the opportunity to locally host AI and train it, but for now, I must wait.
Midjourney Building Samples.
3E A Intelligence graphics exploration using Midjourney prompt chat.
Midjourney Building Sample.
Midjourney Building Samples.
Given the many personal and professional pursuits that I am engaged in, it has become essential to keep my personal life organized. To achieve this, I have created this website, which includes my current main AF portfolio, organized by career, and a history section to document all of my personal and professional work. Additionally, I have developed a feed that is not controlled by any social media service that can shut it down, along with a blog that provides more detailed information on various topics. These resources are part of the reason why I built my personal brands, and they allow me to maintain a sense of order and purpose in the many different areas of my life.
AF personal brands version 1.
AF Brands 2022-2023.
Latest update: March 9, 2023.