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Welcome to my personal website, where I showcase my journey as a visual communicator and web developer. Here, you'll find a comprehensive directory of my portfolios, sandboxes, projects, and works in progress, all of which demonstrate my expertise in the industry. Be sure to also check out my feed for insights into my creative process and the latest updates.

//Visual Design

With over two decades of experience in the design industry, I have honed my skills as a versatile product designer and B2B designer, serving clients across a range of technology companies and industries. My expertise encompasses a wide range of design disciplines, including web design, social media design, and app design, as well as print works, design systems, and branding. Since 2001, I have been delivering creative, impactful designs that effectively communicate my clients' messages and help them achieve their goals.

//Web Development

I embarked on my web development career in 2003, when I taught myself HTML/SHTML, CSS, and Flash with ActionScript. Working alongside software engineers, I was driven by my desire to bring my designs to life on the web, complete with animated interfaces. Throughout my journey, I have never stopped learning and adapting to the latest technology and standards in web development and design. With a diverse portfolio of projects across multiple platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Webflow, and headless static websites, As I work my skills in JavaScript, CSS optimization with Less and Sass, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as a static web generator (Jamstack). I am dedicated to continuously improving my craft and delivering outstanding results.


As a passionate artist, I specialize in crafting intricate and detailed drawings that are inspired by a diverse range of sources, including scientific illustration, the beauty of nature, and the fantastical creatures of our imagination. Whether working by hand, using digital tools, or printing my designs onto paper or skin, I strive to bring my unique vision to life through my original artwork.

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3E Studio


3D graphics play a crucial role in enhancing various design projects, from website graphics and logos to infographics and video game props. I have experience using 3D modeling to create industrial designs for wood furniture and 3D printing projects. In my leisure time, I enjoy using my skills to design and print miniatures and mecha models, further demonstrating my versatility and passion for 3D graphics.


Art knows no bounds, and I am passionate about creating pieces in all forms, using a variety of mediums and techniques. Whether it's large-scale street murals or intimate paintings on canvas, I find joy in bringing my ideas to life through the power of art. My love for creating art extends across various styles and mediums, allowing me to experiment and explore new techniques and ways of expressing myself.

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3E  Metaverse


I am dedicated to capturing moments in time from every corner of the world. Whether waiting for the perfect sunset or carefully styling products for a photoshoot, I find joy in creating images that tell a story and convey a sense of mood and atmosphere. I am passionate about exploring the world with my camera and capturing its beauty, one frame at a time.


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Efficiency is key in any line of work, and I am constantly seeking out the latest tools and technologies to keep and enhance my productivity and workflow. Here, you can find a comprehensive list of the tools I use on a daily basis, ranging from software applications to analog tools and AI technologies. I am always exploring new ways to optimize my creative process and streamline my work.

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